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The Reebok 2kg Soft Grip Hand Weights add extra intensity to the workout routine. They can be used alone or with different types of fitness equipment. These foam covered hand weights have adjustable straps to suit individual hand sizes.

There is no fear of building big muscles with these soft light hand weights. Rather than 'lifting' these weights and targeting specific muscles these soft tactile 'fitness sticks' are intended to add a subtle micro amount of resistance when you are power-walking, bouncing on a fitness trampoline or dancing in your favourite Zumba® session. Resistance training is one of the fastest ways of burning fat and adding weights (even little ones) to cardio exercise is a fast track method for getting quicker, better results.

For the best results use the weights to remind you to work a little harder with your arms and shoulders when you are on the move, if you are working out to a fitness DVD then any time you raise your arms above your head you will get more cardio and lean muscle reaction simply by having the fitness stick in your hands.

We added the adjustable straps for two reasons, firstly they help to keep control of the weights and secondly it reduces the need to squeeze the handles hard when you are moving quickly (this stops your blood pressure 'spiking' – known as the 'pressor response'. Secondly, you might not know it but having a relaxed grip actually reduces tension in your arms, neck and shoulders, which in turn lets those muscles work more effectively.

For the best results use the heaviest kettlebell that you can safely swing, we have 2.5kg, 5kg and 7.5kg in the Reebok range. Grip is important, hold the handle so that your thumb and fingers are in the corner where the handle and 'horns' meet. The classic kettlebell exercise is the 'Swing', this move has the fantastic effect of not only engaging muscles throughout your entire body but also to turning each fibre into a fat burning Furness.
  • Pair of foam covered dumbbells
  • Adjustable strap to suit individual hand sizes
  • Great to use with many types of fitness equipment
  • Easy to store
  • Add extra intensity to your workout
  • Weight: 2 x 2kg
  • Colour: cyan


Exercise is often called "training", this is simply because doing it makes us better. Using the fitness sticks will add to the amount of energy you use every training session without you having to add or learn new moves.

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